Blocked drains/pipes

Blocked drains and pipes are more than just a nuisance as they often result in unpleasant odours lingering in your house. Common signs include:

  • water rising in the toilet when you flush it
  • water pooling in showers and baths.

Sometimes blockages can’t be removed by using drain fluid and you need some help. Most of the time we can remove minor blockages by using drain rods. We can also use a rooter to remove more suborn blockages.

Causes of blocked drains and pipes

  • Roots of plants
  • Soil movement
  • Old pipes
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Foreign matter

We can help!

Instead of dealing with the smell, stress and hassle yourself, phone JJ Lourens Plumbing to sort out the problem. Our plumbers have years of experience in dealing with blocked drains and can quickly, and efficiently assist you with this plumbing problem.

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