Solar Geysers

With the dramatic increase in the cost of electricity in the last couple of years, consumers have to start investing in green energy solutions if they don’t want to end up paying an arm an a leg to have hot water. As one of the alternate solutions, solar geysers can offer you a dramatic reduction in your monthly electricity bill. Most people don’t realize that an electric geyser draws an incredible amount of power daily. 

In some cases using solar energy can save you up to 30% of your monthly electricity bill. By calculating the savings you will enjoy by making use of solar energy you can pay the solar geyser off in as little as 2-3 years after installation.

Benefits of Solar Geysers

  1. Having hot water when there is no electricity
  2. Reduces your electricity bill by approximately 30% per month.
  3. You will be helping to conserve our environment
  4. It pays for itself after 2-3 years

Choosing and installing a solar geyser is a bit more complicated than you may think. In order for us to give the best possible solution to suit your budget and needs we will need to do a site inspection as there are many factors that will influence the quote.

For the most part the installation of a solar geyser will revolve around determining if the client wants to have a close-couple or a split solar geyser unit.  Each installation type has it’s own pro-s and cons.

Close Couple system

The close couple system is the one where the solar panel or collector tubes as well as the hot water cylinder form one unit and is typically installed on top of the roof.

Split unit

The split unit system is used when the solar panels or collectors cannot be installed with the hot water cylinder and the cylinder itself sits inside the roof space. This system generally works out more expensive due to the fact that the water must be piped too and from the cylinder and will require a pump to circulate the water.