Resultant damages

Often when pipes burst or fittings fail there is water damage to a property. This often happens in the case of burst geysers where the geyser was not installed to SANS 10254 specifications and the water overflows onto ceilings and walls resulting in damages to floors, carpets, cupboards and the like.

What damages do we repair?

JJ Lourens Plumbing Resultant Damage Division takes care of fixing these kinds of problems and specialises in the:

  • Repair, replacement and painting of damaged ceilings and walls
  • Fixing water-damaged cupboards
  • Assist with minor repairs to walls and tiling in the case of leaks

Our teams are highly qualified and are used to attending to insurance related claims, so quality is therefore a given. We take great care when doing repairs to your home to ensure that the affected areas are repaired with as little disruption as possible.

Moisture extraction and dehumidifier

A burst pipe or leak can cause moisture to seep into bricks and causes damp. Damp in the structure of your home, not only causes damage to the walls, plaster and paint, but also mould which can be damaging to your general health.

We can prevent this by extracting the moisture from your walls using a dehumidifier. It is important to dry out your walls as soon as possible to prevent structural damages to your property as well as mould. 

By making use of a dehumidifier you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes of the walls to dry out. For example, a house that has a burst pipe could take up to 3 weeks to dry out enough for painting and renovations to take place. With the use of a dehumidifier we are able to reduce the drying time to only 3 days! This is of course a massive saving in time and inconvenience.