Where did that leak go?

Where did that leak go4

With more than 20 years in the plumbing industry JJ Lourens Plumbers has seen its fair share of leaking pipes. The troublesome thing with leaking plumbing/pipes is that the source of the leak is not always apparent. Water, being the tricky bugger that it is, always finds the easiest way out, which is not always the most obvious way out.

It therefore often happens that you notice the paint peeling in once place, with the actual leaking pipe being located a couple of meters away from it. Our natural inclination with leaks is to want to break open the wall and rip out the faulty plumbing where we see the damage. Often though, the actual source of the leak is no where near the resultant damage.

In order to prevent breaking down an entire wall to find the source of the leak our plumbers generally make use of specialized leak detection equipment to pinpoint the actual location of concealed leaking pipes/plumbing. Through making use of the latest in leak detection technology we can ensure finding the leaking pipe quickly without having to destroy your plumbing in the process.

Next time when you see a leak appear, rather get the experts to deal with it. Call JJ Lourens Plumbers, we will only be to glad to help with your problem.