Leak Detection

Why early leak detection is important 25

Why Early Leak Detection is Important

Did you know that the three main causes of water loss in South Africa are leaks, commercial losses (water that isn’t billed right due to faulty meters and readings), and unauthorised water consumption (water theft)? This is why early leak detection is important. Not only can it save you money, but also prevent damage to your property.

In 2015, unaccounted water leaks in South Africa cost an alarming R7 billion. President Jacob Zuma launched the ‘War on Leaks’ project to address water loss from leakages. This project called on all South Africans to report and fix leaking pipes, taps, and toilets in their homes and communities. Nonetheless, we are still experiencing water loss across the whole of South Africa and level 4 water restrictions in the Cape Town region.

Specialised leak detection services in Cape Town

If you are concerned about leakages in and around your property, contact JJ Lourens Plumbing in Cape Town. We specialise in leak detection, repairing of leaking and burst pipes, unblocking of pipes and drains, bathroom/kitchen renovations and more.

Our leak detection team uses only the latest technology in thermal imaging, audio-, gas-, and dye testing, to determine where water leakages are coming from. To learn more about our water leak detection services in Cape Town, visit our Leak Detection page.

By using specialised leak detection services, you can prevent and stop water loss, property damage and steep water bills.

Not sure if you have a leak. What should you do?

People usually suspect leaks when they have high water bills or notice wet patches that never seem to dry up. Another tell-tale sign of leaks on the outside of your property is grass or shrubs growing much faster and thicker in one spot than in the areas surrounding it. If you suspect you have a leaking pipe, check your water meter outside. Turn off all taps and water-usage devices on your property. Then, check your water meter. If it is still moving (even just by a millimetre), there is probably a leak somewhere on your property. Most people try to find the leak themselves first. However, if you cannot locate the leak yourself, contact JJ Lourens Plumbing. We are leak detection specialists.

What is your responsibility as the water consumer?

According to the City of Cape Town – Water By-law, it is our responsibility as consumers to use water sparingly and report any wastage or pollution thereof. All the water that is measured on your side of the municipal water meter is your responsibility, so if there is a problem on your side of the meter, you ultimately have to pay for it. It is also our duty to ensure compliance with this by-law in respect of all matters relating to water installation and the maintenance thereof. Leaks that are not fixed can cost you thousands of Rand in fines and water bills, as these people found out recently when the City of Cape Town named and shamed individuals who had incredibly high water accounts.

What does this mean?

As a consumer, you have to do everything necessary to cut down on water usage. This could be fixing leaks on your property, showering for shorter periods of time, or using grey water to flush your toilet, especially since Cape Town is facing severe water shortages. There are various ways in which you can save water in and around the house. Read this article on News24 for more tips.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all water installations and maintenance are done by qualified personnel. If you need a professional plumber, leak detector or geyser installer, contact JJ Lourens Plumbing. We are a registered member of the Institute of Plumbing of South Africa (IOPSA) and approved to work for multiple insurance companies including OUTsurance, Santam, Momentum Short Term Insurance, SA Home Loans and major banks (ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank.