JJ Lourens Plumbing now fixing of resultant damages as well

JJ Lourens Plumbing nox fixing of resultant damages as well2

Many geysers in South Africa and of course Cape Town are installed in the ceiling space of a house. The advantage of this being that it does not take up usable space within the home, the disadvantage of course being that should the geyser burst, the water will run onto the ceiling and could potentially damage the room below.

In most cases insurance companies make use of specialists to replace/repair damaged flooring and carpets, but fixing the ceiling and painting the area that has been damaged by the water can be a pain.

In order to speed up the process and offer a more comprehensive service to our customers, JJ Lournes Plumbing can now fix the ceiling damaged caused by a burst geyser as well. This comprehensive service means that you don’t have the stress of multiple contractors going in and out of your home, but rather deal with one company that can quickly and efficiently replace your geyser and repair the damaged ceiling.

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